News: Vic Reeves/Jim Moir And Jools Holland On The One Show

News: Vic Reeves/Jim Moir And Jools Holland On The One Show

The publicity campaign for Joyride, the new podcast from Vic Reeves and Jools Holland, has been relatively lowkey so far, but it is ramped up tonight with their appearance on The One Show, where like a couple of salmon they will be lightly grilled by Alex Jones and Amol Rajan.

If you don't know about the podcast it features Vic – using his real name Jim Moir – and Jools interviewing guests about trips and travel. Guests so far include Jim's chum Bob Mortimer, Sally Phillips, Jane Horrocks, Tony Pitts and Jools' fellow Squeeze band member, Chris Difford, who recalled various cars that he has had, including one that exploded. There was also the time he drove Bryan Ferry around and Ferry bought him a chauffeur's hat...

The best episode so far though has to be the one that reunites old double act mates Vic with Bob. Together they recall a trip across America that didn't actually happen. They had guns pointed at them in California and never really got much further. You also get to hear the full story about the time ex-solicitor Bob had to help Jarvis Cocker out after police took him away when he invaded the stage at the Brits during a Michael Jackson performance.

Vic and Jools have known each other a long time too. In fact Holland saw a very early Reeves performance in south London and gave him an early break inviting him to host a spoof game show, Square Celebrities, on the C4 show The Tube. looking back on it now (after 1:30) you can even see the roots of Shooting Stars in its send up of traditional formats.

Of course, this is Vic Reeves on The One Show, so you never know what he will talk about. Maybe his paintings, maybe his English Gentlemen's Motorcyle Club where you had to tip your hat to any passing lady. It should definitely be different though.

News: Vic Reeves/Jim Moir And Jools Holland On The One Show, Tuesday, February 23, 7pm, BBC One.

Listen to Joyride with Jools Holland and Jim Moir/Vic Reeves here.


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