News: What Is The All-Time Top Taskmaster Task?

News: More Taskmaster For New Zealand

Comedian Jack Bernhardt has ranked the top 100 Taskmaster tasks in the Guardian.

It would be too spoilerish for us if we simply listed the best ones. To find out the precise positions we suggest you go to the Guardian article here.

But we will say is that while we don't always agree with the choices or positions, some of BTJ's favourite tasks do figures strongly.

For example there's the recent challenge from the last series to eat as much watermelon as possible without feeding themselves. Richard Herring and Daisy May Cooper smothering each other in food was a particular highlight. In fact watermelon is something of a Taskmaster motif. There was also an early challenge to scoff as much as possible which was more sedate – until Romesh Rangnathan smashed his slushy food open on the floor.

And then of course Bob Mortimer had to figure. There's his "song for Rosalind" composed for a stranger. And the moment when he had a cuddle with Alex Horne in the boot of a car.

I've always been a golf fan so I was particularly impressed by Joe Wilkinson's hole in one – even if it was a potato and he was throwing it. The tragedy was that Greg Davies spotted a Wilkinson toe was too far forward and overruled the result.

Anyay, as we've said, you'll have to read the original article to find out positions. But in the meantime here's a funny clip below.

A new series of Taskmaster has been filmed and will air at some point in 2021

Watch Watermelon Madness on Taskmaster with Richard Herring and Daisy May Cooper below

Picture: UKTV/Avalon 





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