News: Live Edition Of Socially Distant Sports Bar

On Sunday 21st February, comedians Mike Bubbins,  Elis James and sports journalist  Steff Garrero present a very special live-streamed edition of the word-of-mouth podcast hit of lockdown:  The Socially Distant Sports Bar.

Mike, Elis and Steff meet up every week to chat about sport. That’s always the plan. But they get distracted and talk about Kimbo Slice, Bidets and Erasure. They then release their conversations as a podcast. Now they’re offering  Distant Pod fans the chance to watch the podcast – live and uncensored – in an online lock-in.

Mike Bubbins said: ‘When I first started doing comedy I remember doing a gig in a small room to one punter. Now, 13 years, hundreds of gigs, and thousands of miles later, I am finally doing a gig to nobody, in my garage. Never stop dreaming. I am so excited to be doing my first @distantpod live stream. I will be clean, keen and thoroughly talced! The only thing that could rain on my parade would be saying something so inappropriate that I never work again, and die alone, and in poverty. But that’s great sport in essence. Proper risk and reward. Here’s to the first/last live-stream.’

Elis James said: ‘Recording The Socially Distant Sports Bar makes me feel like I’m stealing a living. I can’t wait to do a live-streamed show without the safety net of Steff’s two-day editing process, and to see how Steff spends the two days he now gets off.’

Steff Garrero said: ‘This is going to be the most fun, most dangerous, most potentially career-ending live-stream of the past 12 months. Having spent a year editing The Socially Distant Sports Bar I know what gets left out… and why… Now there’s no fall back position. Live… bloody hell…’


Sunday 21 February, 2021
8pm (GMT)
£8 (£1 from every ticket goes to My Name'5 Doddie Foundation)



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