News: The Stand Up Sketch Show Returns with Seann Walsh

Seann Walsh Opens Up About His Ups And Downs In New Podcast

Television has become pretty adept at putting stand-up comedy onscreen in recent years but that hasn't stopped them trying to come up with a twist on the one-person-and-a=mic format.

In The Stand Up Sketch Show, which returns ths week, some of the best established and up-and-coming comedians in the UK show tells a story in front of an audience, then performs a live-action reconstruction. You'd think if the routine was strong enough it wouldn't need the additional act-out, but sometimes the visual pay-off can add an extra level to the verbal humour.

In this episode Russell Kane, Kojo Anim, Seann Walsh (pictured), Elf Lyons, Luke Kempner, Josh Weller and Jayde Adams deliver the gags and ths sketches.

The Stand Up Sketch Show, Mondays from February 8, 10pm, ITV2. 

Picture: ITV


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