Video: A Halloween Treat From Psychic Clinton Baptiste
The hapless psychic from Peter Kay's Phoenix Nights tries to rid an evil spirit. He explains here... "There is so much we do not comprehend in this world. I call it The Mystic. Join me,... more
Video: Spitting Image – Johnson And Cummings Plot to Blow Up Parliament
Watch Spitting Image's latest hot take on the US Elections.Spitting Image is also to make a special two-part US Election special to coincide with the forthcoming American Presidential election where... more
Mawaan Rizwan reveals his crochet skills - or lack of them – in this Thursday's edition of Taskmaster.And also further below watch others including Richard Herring attempt to get exercise balls in... more
Video: Jurgen Klopp On Spitting Image
Manager Jurgen Klopp comes to terms with League Champions Liverpool's recent 7:2 crushing defeat against Aston Villa.Spitting Image is streaming on Britbox. New episodes available Saturdays at... more
Video: Harry Shearer's New Video Spoofs Donald Trump
Throughout this Summer and Autumn, The Simpsons and Spinal Tap star, Harry Shearer has been releasing a song a week via YouTube, in which he performs as Donald Trump, in order to explore the dark and... more
Australia & New Zealand's Early Reopening For Shows Sees British Comics Included In World's Biggest Events
Before Daniel Sloss was ever on US show Conan their comedy producer/booker J.P. Buck travelled to the Edinburgh Fringe to see him perform.Now you can watch them recall the making of Daniel’s first-... more
Video: Nish Kumar On Trump (Again) In Hello America
Nish Kumar points out that the US should borrow the UK’s Queen for a bit to calm things down; following suit to the age-old tradition of older British women coming in to calm Americans (like... more
News: Amazon Prime Video Launches Truth Seekers Remote Adventure
Amazon Prime Video has released the official trailer and launch date for the spine-tingling UK Amazon Original series, Truth Seekers. The eight-episode paranormal comedy series will launch on... more
Video: Nish Kumar On Trump (Again) In Hello America
Nish Kumar is back and taking a deep dive into Trump’s recent attitude that he’s only President of half of the United States (the blue states) which Nish highlights is against the motto of the United... more
Video: Michael McIntyre, Showman, Netflix
Michael McIntyre's new show Showman was recorded back in March before lockdown. It takes in Australia, being chubby, remembering passwords, accents and dogs. He can even get away with a gag about the... more
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