House of Fools
Update 18/3/14: Throw your hats in the air and dance a jig. A second series of House of Fools has been commissioned by the BBC. Some early reports have suggested that House of Fools is Vic... more
Him & Her
After a hectic week I had a pre-Xmas binge on Him & Her at the weekend, catching up with the fourth series on iPlayer. Having already seen the first episode it made sense to watch the final four... more
Dave Cohen
So you want to be a comedian? The chances are that if you have landed on my website you are thinking about dipping a toe in the shark-infested waters of comedy. Then take a leaf out of Dave Cohen's... more
Bad Education
It can't be long now before either BBC3 or Channel 4 comes up with a themed Jack Whitehall night. Maybe they are merely waiting until he gets his knighthood for services to our TV schedules. 2013 has... more
Clear History
I'm a bit late to the party with this one, but I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed Clear History, an HBO production that went out on Sky Atlantic last week. But then I would enjoy it. I've pretty... more
Robin Ince
Robin Ince's 9 Carols and Lessons for Godless People gigs are a bit like the universe - constantly expanding. About 25 minutes in our garrulous, cardigan-clad host said that he had to get a move on... more
Al Murray
Al Murray has always had a thing about the military. There is, of course, the Pub Landlord's wobbly grasp of European history, but before that Murray used to do a precision-tooled sound effects act... more
Steve Bugeja
Perhaps this is what all comedy talent competitions should be like. Short, with a small line-up and, most importantly, of a very high standard. Broadcast live on Radio 2, nobody dared overrun, making... more
Edna Everage
Who invented character comedy? Was it Graham Fellows with John Shuttleworth? Steve Coogan with Alan Partridge, Paul Calf et al? A strong case can be made for Barry Humphries, whose show at the... more
Mitcheell & Webb
"You play Radio 4 twice. Once on the way up. Once on the way down. It's good to be back." As far as I know, David Mitchell and Robert Webb did not come out with this version of the old showbiz... more


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