Is there still a place for Dom Joly in 2017? After returning with a first All4 series of Trigger Happy TV he is now back with a second series and I'm not so sure.Part of the problem is not his fault... more
Wearing shorts, kneepads and an ice hockey top, Tony Law is muscular, masculine and hilarious in a role that brings a whole new physical element to his comedy. The bearded Canadian comic swoops... more
When I first saw Ronny Chieng at the Edinburgh Fringe a few years ago his engaging autobiographical stand-up show was in part about being a reluctant but high-achieving law student in Australia. Well... more
You know what? I still think it's an odd decision to reboot this classic, but this second episode isn't too bad at all. In The Cake Fletcher (Kevin Bishop) is reluctantly celebrating his... more
If you are going to see Young Frankenstein please leave your political correctness antennae in the cloakroom. I counted three gags about breasts in the first fifteen minutes and the rest of the show... more
I wish somebody would explain the logic of how the BBC schedules programmes. Why, for example, is the whole of Upstart Crow available online from the moment the series starts on BBC2, whereas Josh,... more
Top marks to Dave for breathing new life into Red Dwarf, which returns this week for its twelfth series. The first episode, Cured, finds our mismatched crewmates setting off in Starbug (note the old... more
Either Ari Eldjarn has got something very special or he bussed every Icelandic person living in London into the Soho Theatre last night. The first night of this short run was met with the kind of... more
There must be a word for it. The sub-genre of stage comedies that are send-ups of big hits. There was Potted Potter, and now there is this, which takes its inspiration from another smash. It feels to... more
At a time when I regularly hear about comedy clubs struggling to survive it was good this week to hear about two new clubs opening. There’s a big new swanky joint in Glasgow and down south in... more


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