The final instalment of the Luke McQueen trilogy finds the hapless comedian lobbed into the world of Love Island-style reality TV when he becomes the subject of his very own Bachelor-style show, The... more
The Greenwich Comedy Festival always marks the end of summer for me. Kids back at school, getting dark on the way to the gig. In the past it has been coats-on cold inside the cavernous tented venue,... more
The second of his three pilots spoofing TV formats is a little close to home for comedian Luke McQueen. This time round he is tackling that modern phenomenon of comics doing travelogues with one of... more
Luke McQueen has made a bit of a name for himself in the past by doing audacious publicity stunts. At the Edinburgh Fringe in 2014 he told people he met that Frankie Boyle was going to do a one-off... more
David Mitchell returns as aspiring playwright/superstar William Shakespeare in Ben Elton's return-to-form sitcom. I say return-to-form with a couple pf caveats. Firstly, it's way, way better than his... more
Twonkey is a musical comic with an operatic imagination. Nothing limits his determination to tell this sweeping trans European tale with a James Bond plot involving missing diamonds, attempted murder... more
Garrett Millerick is a big bear of a man who you would think could make a good living out of being a professional cynic. From the moment he squeezes onto the stage he is in a controlled rage, despite... more
Fin Taylor has built up a reputation in the last few years for saying the unsayable but somehow getting away with it. Maybe because he's clever. Maybe because he's white, male and middle class. Or... more
Now in its 31st year, So You Think You're Funny has an excellent track record at producing comedy stars. Previous winners include Maisie Adam, Ivo Graham, Tom Allen, Miles Jupp, Rob Rouse, Peter... more
It’s always fun to go and see a comic on the day they’ve been nominated in the Edinburgh Comedy Awards.There’s always a bit of extra excitement in the room, a clutch of industry faces at the back, a... more
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