When writer Simon Blackwell’s new series starring David Mitchell and Robert Webb was launched last month publications were sent an episode-by-episode breakdown. But shortly afterwards we were... more
While BBC1’s current Comedy Playhouse series of pilots has had a mixed response, it is hard to fault the first one-off in this new BBC2 mini-season, New On Two.The Other One, written by Holly Walsh,... more
Ben Elton’s eloquent defence of the mainstream sitcom last month was illuminating, fascinating and persuasive. And in a way maybe it could be seen by some as an incidental pre-emptive strike against... more
The latest BBC pilot, starring clownish Edinburgh Fringe favourite Spencer Jones, is a sitcom about a hapless but loveable and well-meaning man who is prone to accidents, complications and landing... more
Let’s be crystal clear about this. Back is not Peep Show – What Happened Next? David Mitchell plays a feckless, inept man-child and Robert Webb plays a hopeless charmer who can’t help cocking up and... more
You can always bank on Tim Vine when you want something light and fluffy and fun and he has certainly done that with Tim Vine Travels In Time, the first sitcom in a new series of Comedy Playhouse... more
Comedian John Moloney returns to the comedy airwaves of BBC Radio 4 on Wednesday 23 August at 11pm with the second series of The John Moloney Show. The... more
Nice work if you can get it. Nick Helm’s latest series is a mix of sitcom and food programme as he travels around meeting friends, family and heroes, gets to cook food and, on the downside, copes... more
The middle of August is probably not the normal time to launch a new sitcom, but then Quacks is not a normal sitcom. It is a medical sitcom set in Victorian times when surgery was a messy, bloody... more
In the 1960s the Establishment Club was hosted by Peter Cook in Soho and was a hotbed of the satire boom. It has recently returned, with the blessing of Cook's late wife Lin, and has been putting on... more


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