David Mills
I was one of the judges when David Mills won the New Act of the Year in 2011 when the competition moved from the Hackney Empire to the Barbican. I suspect it was a pretty unanimous decision. He had... more
Harry Deansway
Harry Deansway’s place in British comedy history is assured. He is one of those noble idiots who has attempted to make a success out of publishing a comedy magazine. The Fix was a regular fixture on... more
Rob Auton
As I wrote in my piece on how to get reviewed at the Fringe, luck can play its part as much as skill. About ten years ago I stumbled into a show by the then unknown Michael McIntyre because I was... more
Katherine Ryan
I think Katherine Ryan is going to have to do a new photo shoot quicker than planned. The wonderfully elegant shots by Idil Sukan are adoring front pages of magazines and Edinburgh has not even... more
If you are quick you can get the cream of Edinburgh in one helping in Kings Cross. The Comedy Grotto at The Star of Kings is an all-day event that really does offer Londoners the chance to see some... more
Rob Beckett
I didn’t want to write a preview of Rob Beckett that focussed on his teeth. Honest. But then I saw that his show was called Mouth of the South and I thought, well, he’s asking for it. Though at least... more
Tom Allen
Sometimes the Fringe coverage is so obsessed with unearthing someone new that polished talent can be overlooked. Tom Allen has seen plenty of Edinburgh action since winning So You Think You’re Funny... more
Carl Donnelly
I was writing the other day about the way Edinburgh acts can be divided into the mainstream crowdpleasers and arty experimentalists. Of course things are never quite that simple. Where, for instance... more
chris ramsey
When it comes to the Fringe it always feels as if there is an underlying tension between the arty acts and the straightforwardly crowdpleasing stand-ups. Earlier this week I read a debate on Facebook... more
tom parry
Every sketch group needs its resident idiot and Pappy’s has Tom Parry. Although Ben Clark does run him close at times. It is Parry who tends to come up with madcap schemes. It is Parry who tends to... more


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