Some of the biggest names from the Melbourne International Comedy Festival are coming to North Berwick for a one-off gig in August.Rhys Nicholson (pictured), who has just been nominated for a... more
Let's be honest about this. If Gone Fishing did not feature comedy titans Bob Mortimer and Paul Whitehouse it would probably not be going out on BBC2 on a Wednesday evening. In fact if it was made at... more
This one-off has slipped into the schedules without much of a fanfare. Which I'm surprised about because it is fronted by the breakout star of The Mash Report, Rachel Parris.In fact it is co-written... more
I think I can confidently say that you won't see a comedy as strange this year as the second series of writer Will Sharpe's Flowers. In fact I don't think there has been anything this strange on... more
You might almost think this was planned. Just as the video for Chidlish Gambino's This Is America has gone uber-viral BBC2 has scheduled Atlanta, the 2016 comedy-drama created by and starring Donald... more
With innovative programmes such as Taskmaster and Dave Gorman's Modern Life Is Goodish Dave – the channel not Mr Gorman – has shown that it can put its own idiosyncratic spin on the game show and the... more
Channel 4 is presumably pretty pleased with new sitcom High & Dry. It was originally due to air on E4 but has had an upgrade and now goes out on C4. Is their confidence justified? It is probably... more
Friday Night Dinner returns to C4 for a fifth series, and while something like People Just Do Nothing - also up to five series – is constantly lauded with praise and awards, Friday Night Dinner just... more
The Taskmaster quest for global domination continues. There's an American version, a book in the pipeline and now the sixth series starts on Dave. And this time it's been pumped up to ten gloriously... more
Just a nudge to remind Harry Hill fans to watch Alien Fun Capsule or, if not, don't forget to catch up on the ITV Hub, or whatever their catch-up service is calling itself these days.The second... more


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