luke toulson
Preview season is well and truly under way. For comics it is a vital part of the Edinburgh Fringe dominated calendar. For punters, an opportunity to see their favourite comedians at knocked down... more
Has Edinburgh got too big? It’s the cry that goes up every year, but maybe with good reason this year. 2015 will see 50,459 performances of 3,314 shows from 49 countries in 313 venues across... more
I’ve been saying for a while that the Edinburgh Fringe has become too big, partly because of the explosion of free shows. And now someone seems to have have done something about it. I thought that... more
Count Arthur strong
Great news today that the BBC has recommissioned Count Arthur Strong. I was concerned that the move from BBC2 to BBC1 for the second series had been the last throw of the dice and that if it didn’t... more
Kevin Cruise
Following yesterday's opinion piece on Lorraine Bowen's appearance on Britain's Got Talent I was contacted by another performer, Martin Cabble-Reid, who also went from comedy clubs to the show,... more
Lorraine Bowen
I’ve been a comedy critic and a TV critic for longer than I care to admit so I should have known about this years ago. Until recently I always assumed that the acts on Britain’s Got Talent are all... more
The homogenous, zombie-like world of modern politics is often ridiculed by satirists – but this election campaign has made me wonder if the comedians are any less on-message.Let me state from the get... more
Reg Hunter
There was an intriguing interview with Reginald D Hunter in the Times recently which mentioned that the enigmatic American comedian was currently living in Croydon. Hunter did not want to elaborate... more
When I first ‘came out’ as a Conservative I had heated conversations with comics and pantomimic shocked reactions from audiences. I guess it was pretty shocking: a comic voting in line with just over... more
I could be mistaken but it certainly feels as if there are more TV comedies with an election theme this year than there have ever been before. Just to pick a few, ITV1 has just launched the topical... more
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