When I first ‘came out’ as a Conservative I had heated conversations with comics and pantomimic shocked reactions from audiences. I guess it was pretty shocking: a comic voting in line with just over... more
I could be mistaken but it certainly feels as if there are more TV comedies with an election theme this year than there have ever been before. Just to pick a few, ITV1 has just launched the topical... more
Janey Godley
Janey Godley’s complaint that she thinks she was ripped off by the people who made the new Irn-Bru ad has caused a stir in comedy circles. It is not the first time a comedian has allegedly had input... more
What’s that old Bob Monkhouse gag? “They laughed when I said I was going to be a comedian. Well, they're not laughing now."When Madonna told Jonathan Ross that she would like to have a crack at stand... more
Sue Perkins
In the last few days I’ve heard about Count Arthur Strong being mooted as new host of Top Gear and Alexei Sayle being tipped for the job. At the time of writing Sue Perkins is the odds-on bookies... more
Breaking News 9/4 - Jeremy Clarkson is no longer going to be guest hosting Have I Got News For You on April 24. Quoted on the BBC website Jimmy Mulville, managing director of show producers Hat... more
Immigrant Diaries
On Friday 24 April Dave Cohen will be appearing at the Purcell Rooms in Immigrant Diaries, part of the Changing Britain Festival. In this guest blog he breaks free from the... more
Edinburgh Reviews
A lot has been said recently in comedy circles about Chortle’s announcement that it promises to review any Edinburgh Fringe show that spends at least £250 on advertising. This happened to coincide... more
Richard Herring
Full-length comedy shows used to be the showbiz equivalent of the May fly. They did their runs in Edinburgh, London and then on tour, and then they were gone forever. The comedians moved on to their... more
Up The Creek
At the start of March I wrote this feature below about the history of South London’s comedy clubs for the website Deserter. When I was putting a draft together I deliberated about whether to include... more


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