Rich Comedian
There has been talk recently about forming a comedians' union. Small clubs have been closing, others are cutting their pay rates and others have been slow to pay up, making it harder and harder for... more
micky flanagan
At the risk of digging an even deeper hole for myself I'll try to respond below to Dave Twentyman's response to my original piece here. His position seems to be that he is annoyed that a "pub circuit... more
Jack whitehall
There has been a bit of a kerfuffle over the announcement that Jack Whitehall is to play a big work-in-progress gig at the Hammersmith Apollo in February in the the run-up to his UK tour. I can't see... more
Critical Mass
Comedian Dave Twentyman recently posted an interesting piece on Facebook about snobbery in the comedy industry towards comedians who play the weekend club circuit. Stand-ups who make their living... more
Bob Monkhouse
Christmas has come early. Frankie Boyle has lost his joke book. Maybe someone has put it to better use and as we speak is wiping their arse with it. Except that Boyle has a particular reason for... more
Never Mind The Buzzcocks
Richard Herring once wrote that he is irritated by the title of Never Mind The Buzzcocks because the Manchester punk band was called Buzzcocks, so the title should really be - pedant alert! - Never... more
Jonny Pelham
Who knows best, critics or the public? This is a question that usually comes up with big stars. Mrs Brown's Boys regularly gets a critical hammering despite being hugely popular. Peter Kay has his... more
I was interested to read recently in David Hepworth's excellent blog that Tie Rack had recently gone into administration. Veteran music journalist Hepworth eloquently noted that these days you... more
British Comedy Awards
Earlier this week I was accused of plagiarising a live review that had appeared on another comedy website. I hadn't, of course. It is just that Steve Bennett of Chortle and I have impeccable... more
lee mack tour 2014
Five stars to Lee Mack for being honest about his appearance at the Royal Free Rocks with Laughter benefit on Sunday night at the Adelphi. During his short set the cheeky chappie glanced at the... more


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