When I heard the news that there was talk of BBC3 being axed to save the corporation £90 million per year my immediate thought was 'here we go again, more corporate codswallop like the thing about... more
David Brent
I remember exactly where I was when I first saw The Office. In the office. Twelve years ago this spring, an advance VHS – remember those? – arrived. I'd like to boast that I immediately spotted a... more
So the world of BBC panel games has finally entered the 20th Century. Women don't just have the right to vote now, there is more good news. BBC Director of Television Danny Cohen has been quoted in... more
After the annoying chatty fan at Tommy Tiernan the other week there was another audience irritant at Seann Walsh last night at the Soho Theatre. Just over half-way through Walsh's set the shaggy-... more
I should say straight off that I haven't watched Celebrity Big Brother since it moved to Five. Somehow some of the magic had worn off since the early days when Jack Dee was one of the winners. But... more
Rufus Hound MEP
The news that Rufus Hound is planning to stand as an MEP for the pro-NHS National Health Action Party makes him the latest in an increasingly long line of comedians dipping their toes into stormy... more
Tommy Tiernan
Tommy Tiernan had one of those people in last night at the Soho Theatre. You know, the ones who insist on interrupting your seamless routine and think that they are helping you out. I think she said... more
Frank Skinner review
I've been going to comedy gigs for as long as I can remember and reviewing them for nearly as long, but last night there was a first. I was sitting in an aisle seat about eight rows back from the... more
Michael McIntyre
So this week it was announced that The Michael McIntyre Chat Show will start on BBC1 in the Spring. It is no surprise that the network has found a new vehicle for the nation's skippiest stand-up star... more
Lazy Susan
Hold the flipping front page. Comedy sketch group Lebensmüde has changed its name to Lazy Susan. I don't know exactly why. Maybe they were worried people would think they were German. Maybe they got... more


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