Diane Spencer's last show was partly about how she ended up working with Nancy Dell'Olio. She is a bit smutty and very funny. Spencer that is, not Nancy Dell'Olio. Spencer recently got married... more
Ayesha Hazarika spent eight years as political adviser to Harriet Harman and Ed Miliband, but before that she had been a stand-up comedian. For reasons which or may not be obvious she is now doing... more
Steve Bugeja won the BBC New Comedy Award in  2013 with a strikingly nerdy high energy set. Despite his ongoing success he is as neurotic as ever, which is handy as it is one of the many things... more
This is Kiri Pritchard-McLean's debut hour, but she is no Fringe newbie. She is a non-performing writer/director for acclaimed sketch group Geins' Family Gift Shop and knows comedy inside out. In... more
Am I getting older or are the comedians getting younger? Probably both I guess. When I was first impressed by Elliot Steel a couple of years ago he was doing autobiographical gags about underage... more
Brennan Reece is definitely going places. He won the English Comedian of the Year award in 2015 beating stand-ups old enough to be his parents and since then has performed in Australia and supported... more
I laughed like a loon at Adam Hess' Fringe show last summer. The gags flew around the room at such a fast and furious pace that I was still chuckling at one punchline when the next one hit me. He... more
Liz Miele's stand-up show Mind Over Melee is about her experiences as an anxiety-ridden American. She jokes about her struggles with her physical health, mental illness in her family, dating,... more
Doug Segal is a comedy mind reader and his latest show is designed to make you feel good with a mix of tricks that will make your brain boggle and jokes that will tickle your funny bone. Apparently... more
Tommy Tiernan really does need no introduction. He is a Perrier Award winner, he appeared in one of the greatest-ever episodes of Father Ted and, well, you should just go and see him, simple as that... more


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