Edinburgh Fringe Preview: Liam Williams

Liam Williams

Sometimes a comedian from a sketch group does a solo show and presents a whole new side of themselves. Justin Edwards did this when he took a break from The Consultants to let rip as booze-sodden children’s entertainer Jeremy Lion. And last year Liam Williams conjured up a similar coup de theatre when he put his work with sketch group Sheeps temporarily on hold to make his full-length solo debut, which duly picked up a Foster’s Best Newcomer nomination. Williams’ solo work falls somewhere between character comedy and confessional. Is he really such a dour northerner? Is his outlook really so bleak? It is hard to tell where truth ends and imagination starts. What is clear is that Williams has a great way with words (it’s that man Alan Bennett again, with added existential angst) and a beguiling stage presence. He is back with another solo show this year, a free show about money entitled Capitalism. He previews it tonight at the Lion in Stoke Newington with Richard Herring.

Liam Williams is at Laughing Horse @ The Cellar Monkey from July 31 - August 25. Details here.

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