Nice work if you can get it. Nick Helm’s latest series is a mix of sitcom and food programme as he travels around meeting friends, family and heroes, gets to cook food and, on the downside, copes... more
The middle of August is probably not the normal time to launch a new sitcom, but then Quacks is not a normal sitcom. It is a medical sitcom set in Victorian times when surgery was a messy, bloody... more
In the 1960s the Establishment Club was hosted by Peter Cook in Soho and was a hotbed of the satire boom. It has recently returned, with the blessing of Cook's late wife Lin, and has been putting on... more
The Windsors is such an obvious idea it is weird to think that it has never been done before. Basically the royals are presented as a dysfunctional, soapy family. Charles is a kilt-wearing hippy,... more
I've been looking forward to this episode since I interviewed Count Arthur Strong's creator Steve Delaney in the Spring. I innocently asked him if he felt there were similarities between his creation... more
Thirty-five comedians, most of them heading to the Edinburgh Fringe, are to play the one-day Haslemere Comedy Festival on July 9.Acts include Mike Gunn, Matt Richardson, Caroline Mabey, Josh... more
Pranking went on long before the internet and even TV were invented, but now in the post-Jackass world it has moved on to new levels. And Comedy Central in the UK is currently after a piece of... more
Given that most comedians are sticking Brexit material into their act faster than you can say “Conservative minority” it is quite canny of broadcaster Viceland to come up with the four-part Brexit... more
A few weeks ago there was a discussion in London about the state of the sitcom, suggesting that it was in crisis. The talk has just been released on podcast and you can have a listen here.It didn’t... more
Last instalment of the current series in which Keith Lemon and Paddy McGuinness recreate an iconic Hollywood movie in half an hour with the help of an all-star cast.The ITV Press Centre information... more


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