Edinburgh Fringe Preview: It Might Get Ugly

I’ve got slight misgivings about recommending a show that I've never seen where the blurb boldly claims it is about to “take Edinburgh Festival Fringe by storm”. But this might be an interesting one. Comedian Karl Schultz hosts a one-off preview tonight of the show where comedians get onstage and talk honestly about something to the point of regret. In the past Bridget Christie, Brett Goldstein, Romesh Ranganathan, John Kearns, Carl Donnelly, Liam Williams and Aisling Bea have been among those to ‘fess up. Tonight's guests include Sara Pascoe, Trevor Lock and Harry Hill. I’m sure that Pascoe and Lock will have no difficulties unburdening themselves – their usual sets often major on honesty – but Harry Hill’s appearance is intriguing. Will he stay in surreal character? Will he say something the real Harry Hill might later wish the stage Harry Hill had kept to himself? This is a show that aims to deliver something “open and brave from the performer and unique and compelling for the audience.” As Hill might say, there’s only one way to find out. Go to The Pleasance tonight.

It Might Get Ugly is at The Pleasance Courtyard from July 30 - August 24. Tickets here.

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