Edinburgh Fringe Preview: Luke Toulson

luke toulson

Is it just me or do comedians seem to be doing more Edinburgh previews than ever this year? I’m sure there was a time when the Fringe was a more casual affair, where comedians honed their sets as much as they could in front of their mates or the mirror at home and then maybe did a few warm-ups in July. This year though, a number of comedians seem to have been gigging almost every night since May, which I guess is a reflection if how important the Edinburgh Fringe has become. Luke Toulson has not been gigging nightly but he makes up for it a bit by doing two try-outs of his new show, Laid-Back Grouch, today. One at the Balham Free Fringe at 5.40pm and another at the Crack Comedy Club with Phil Wang at 8.30pm. Toulson is one of those performers who has been on the cusp of something for a while now. He first caught my eye in double act Toulson and Harvey and a few years later, having gone solo, won the Hackney Empire New Act of the Year. He’s a funny, quick-thinking storytelling sort of guy who talks about subjects ranging from family and relationships to politics and always finds a fresh angle.This year’s show, on the Free Fringe, is about “love, parenthood, supporting a rubbish football team and not getting enough attention as a child.” Give him some of your attention today and in August.

Luke Toulson is at Cabaret Voltaire from August 2 - 23. Details here.

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