Edinburgh Fringe Preview: Sara Pascoe

Sara Pascoe

I’ve been tipping Sara Pascoe for stardom for so long now if she doesn’t make it big soon it is going to start becoming embarrassing. Her show last year, mixing feminism with a sideways streak, was her best yet, but I felt it got shunted out of the way in the rush to champion eventual Foster’s Award winner Bridget Christie. Good lord, we can’t have two feminists on the shortlist can we? It took a while for Pascoe to find her voice. I recall a time when she was a mix of Stewart Lee's deconstruction, Russell Brand's Essex bloke and Sarah Silverman's taboo-busting, but now she has found her own style she is getting better all the time. She has learnt how to be versatile too. She can be smart and please the chin-stroking critics or crack gags and please Mock The Week viewers. Her new show, Sara Pascoe v History, goes for the philosophical jugular, attempting to work out how our experiences define us. Will it be funny as hell? I’d stake what little reputation I have left on it. She previews with delightfully dotty posh totty Caroline Mabey at the Betsey Trotwood tonight.

Sara Pascoe is at the Assembly George Square Studios from July 30 – August 25. Tickets here.

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