Edinburgh Fringe Preview: Matt Forde

Matt Forde

Critics are constantly bemoaning the lack of cutting edge, hard-hitting political engagement on the comedy circuit these days. These must be the critics who don't get out much, or they would have come across the work of Josie Long, Tiernan Douieb and Chris Coltrane to name three. And then there is Matt Forde, who has crossed the metaphorical chamber as it were and gone from being a political advisor to the Labour Party to being a stand-up comedian. He has made a name for himself on the live scene with his regular Political Party shows at the Jermyn Street Theatre in which he stir-fried gags with interviews with politicians from across the political spectrum, including George Galloway and Jack Straw. He also has the obligatory podcast and a show on Talksport. His work is sharp, funny and always well-researched and not knee-jerk partisan, he is certainly no brainless flag-waver for Ed Miliband. He begins his personal countdown to the 2015 election with his new Edinburgh show, 24 Hour Political Party People. Sounds like he should have aspiring politician Bez as a guest. You can see Forde focus on the job and warm up at Salisbury Arts Centre tonight.

Matt Forde is at the Pleasance Courtyard from July 30 - August 24. Tickets here.

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