News Exclusive: Noel Fielding Talks About His Role In Upstart Crow

Noel Fielding has spoken exclusively to Beyond The Joke about his role in the second series of Ben Elton's Shakespearean sitcom Upstart Crow.

Fielding recently finished filming his role as a glamorous Elizabethan musician who collaborates with Shakespeare on a comedy in the episode entitled Food of Love. "I play Thomas Morley, who writes popular madrigals! He is a kind of rock star of his day. It was great fun!"

One of the attractions of appearing in the series was the opportunity to work with writer Ben Elton, who Fielding was a big fan of when he was growing up: "I loved working with Ben Elton. The Young Ones was my fav show as a kid so he's a hero of mine. The cast is unbelievable."

Tim Downie, who plays Shakespeare's rival Kit Marlowe, tweeted about Fielding's appearance in the first episode of the second series on Tuesday: "First episode in the can of series 2! Fantastic audience. Made even better by this young hepcat joining the fun. It's a blinder."

Fielding sports long, flowing blonde hair for the part but he has not bleached his hair again. Last time he did it the result was not quite what he wanted. He said back in 2010 "I asked for Kurt Cobain and got Myra Hindley."

This time round he opted for help from the make-up department. "It's a wig. I was getting in touch with my inner Motley Crue!"

Watch the episode - Food Of Love - here.

Read more information on the new series here.


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